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No matter what the world throws at us, our team is moving full speed ahead this year. This month we’ll introduce you to our new member Ruben Praets, who is raising our collective intelligence level as AI software engineer: Learning by doing Ruben joined the Qcify team in October after our engin...

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Qcify was presented with the Innovation Award during this year's INC World Nut Congress in Chennai, India. The award recognizes new ideas and innovative approaches within the industry. The company received the award for its product, Quality Inspection System (QiS), released in Q4 of 2016. Qcify i...

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Qcify goes overseas

After approximately 18 months of development we recently launched our QiS: Quality Inspection Station. Not only was this a great reward of our engineering efforts it also immediately resulted in multiple sales. We're happy to announce that our technology is now available on 3 continents and our o...

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