We're all in this together

At Qcify we always want to give back to society or to our industry by supporting our community as well as initiatives that are close to our hearts.


Investing in the Future

Qcify is a future-focused company, so we are always looking to create an impact that takes us further than today. Two areas that we feel strongly about and think are important for the future are youth sports and the environment.

Girls soccer team photo with two coaches on side and 15 fifteen girls in a V-formation wearing QCIFY sponsor on uniform

Youth Sports

Supporting youth sports by covering equipment and facility costs helps even the playing field for young athletes with fewer means. For those with big dreams of going pro, it gives them the early training they need. The rest get a chance to learn teamwork and have some healthy fun, which will serve them wherever life takes them.

The Environment

The environment is what the next generations are inheriting from us. We have a solemn duty to pass it on in the best possible condition. That’s why we’ve raised money for the Pollinator Partnership to promote the health of pollinating insects, and ultimately almond growers. Right now we’re focusing on helping people affected by the wildfires that have devastated California over the past months, but we always have our animal friends in mind as well.

That’s why we donated to help animals that suffered in the Australian forest fires early this year. Because we’re all connected, and we’re all in this world together. Whether you can give time or money, a little or a lot, it ultimately benefits us all.

Courtyard outside of building with cement columns and relaxing sofa and table gathering areas and cement walkways

Culture manifesto

Process is important. Culture is everything.
Now that we’re approaching a new phase of growth, we are paying more attention to our company culture than ever. We need everyone to be aligned and to have the right stuff on board to sustain our growth. 
That’s why we recently published a culture manifesto to make it clearer to everyone what our team stands for. 
We’ll always be a work in progress, while holding on to the spirit that has fueled our success so far.

Other QCIFY Initiatives

Blue and green background with light blue circles all over showing man and woman in a lab wearing lab coats and glasses squeezing sample into test tube

Sponsorship - 2022

UC Davis student startup center 2022 class.

Roger Isom tweet of QCIFY nut processing equipment added to lab with image of equipment machine plugged in with computer monitor on top and green led light indicator on the metal housing body

Donation - 2021

Donation of QIS machine to Fresno State treenut processing lab.

QCIFY team wearing dark navy and standing in front of a QCIFY booth at a convention centre

Matching Donations - 2021

Qcify matched donations during Almond Board silent auction for FFA scholarships.

Firefighter standing in bottom left corner using water coming out of hose to put out blazing fire

Fundraiser & Donations - 2020

To wildfire relief in California and Australia.

Green badge of Bee Friendly Farming with black outline of bee on white daisy petals logo

Fundraiser & Donations - 2020

To a pollinator partnership.

Girls soccer team photo with two coaches on side and 15 fifteen girls in a V-formation wearing QCIFY sponsor on uniform

Sponsorship - 2019

For a youth soccer team in California.

Belgian youth basketball team in team photo with four coaches to left and right side with youth basketball players in two rows with the back row standing and the front row crouching down on one knee with all youth basketball players wearing Q from QCIFY logo as sponsor on front of  dark blue and white jersey

Sponsorship - 2017

Youth basketball team in Belgium.

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