At Qcify we never stop looking ahead and seeing how our machines can meet the evolving needs of the global food industry. The key is to use customer and industry feedback to shape our design from the beginning. One of our newest employees, research & development engineer Pieter Ieven explains how he helps make the connection:

A flying start

Pieter joined the Qcify team three months ago. He’s officially an R&D engineer, but he’s also taken on new applications and products. “At the moment our two machines have been fine-tuned on natural almonds, but the idea is to apply them to other uses and products in the long term. I’m going to be looking at how those machines can be adapted, and what we need to make this happen on the R&D side,” explains Pieter. “I’m basically the bridge between the business development and customer element, and what is needed in terms of R&D.” An essential link!

Streamlining quality within food companies and making it more consistent is Pieter’s main mission, and one that he enjoys working on. “I’m a bioengineer by training, so I think the link with food is important,” he says.

Self-directed from day one

Pieter appreciates being part of a small, highly dynamic team. “No one was already doing my job, so I elbowed my way in a bit. It took a little time, but in the end I managed to take up my position fairly quickly,” says Pieter. “I got a lot of freedom right away. I was kind of thrown into the fire, but it all went very swiftly and smoothly.”

Not having a direct manager was new for Pieter, but he took it easy to determine his own planning and priorities according to what is needed. “Of course I consult with the rest of the team, but for the rest I’m self-directed,” he says. “Sometimes it’s a challenge to make the best choices in line with the company with the resources available. We have a lot of opportunities, but you have to be able to spot them and see what should be done first, the low-hanging fruit so to speak. Maintaining focus is key, and that’s a team effort.”

Culture of openness

Accessibility and an open work atmosphere are what define Qcify, and that makes it a great place to work, finds Pieter. “You can ask anything and get honest feedback, there are no company secrets,” he says. “As an employee that makes me feel like I’m really an important part of the company.” The open company culture also makes it possible to transparently discuss his career path, which he finds refreshing. “I want to grow in my role even more, to help determine what the machine of the future is going to look like,” he says.

Compared to his previous experience working for a US company, working for Qcify is a whole new game. “Decisions are made very quickly, which fits in with today's startup culture,” observes Pieter. “I look forward to being a part of that even more in the future.”

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