At Qcify incorporating customer feedback is essential to every step of developing and improving our machines. We’re pumped that we’ve had a great customer response to our new machine, the QcifEye so far. Here’s what customers love about it:

#1 Reliability & accuracy

The QcifEye AI Sensor monitors quality and detects impurities automatically. 24/7 objective monitoring allows for optimized line control. The QcifEye AI Sorter adds even more: it can be attached to the sensor box to pick out impurities from the processing line.

A lot of companies have sorting machines from different manufacturers. When we do a demo, we use the end product that has gone through those machines and put it through the QcifEye. We always pick up on something that the other machines have missed.

Often humans are placed in the quality control line as a “just in case” solution. In reality they don’t make much of a difference. If they do pick something out of a stream of products, those are often the most obvious defects. The QcifEye catches much more, much more consistently.

#2 Faster quality control

When it comes to quality control, timing is key. The QcifEye is highly efficient and carries its tasks out quickly, so companies don’t run into problems with their production. Having production go smoothly and quickly is also crucial when the product helps keep an international supply chain moving. The QcifEye is data driven: everything can be measured. This helps it adapt to changes more quickly, creating more reliability.

#3 Easy to use

We also get lots of praise for the simplicity of the machine. During demos it takes just a minute or two to explain how it works. People also love that there aren’t any moving parts in it, which means lower maintenance costs.

While the QcifEye’s algorithms are extremely advanced, the user-facing side is very intuitive. That’s the real power of AI: it does all its work behind the scenes. That lets us focus on providing a great user experience.

Are you ready to meet the future of quality control? Sign up here for a live demo and we’ll show you how the QciEye can help you deliver better quality while lowering costs.

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