Our tech is advanced, but we want to make it as accessible to customers as possible. That’s where a good technical writer comes in to help make sure our customers are getting optimal use out of our machines. Anne Delbruyère is passionate about providing this vital form of communication. Find out more about how her career at Qcify is going so far:

Quick and agile from the get-go

Anne reached out to Qcify after seeing an ad for an open position. “My first contact was with VP Pieter, then CEO Raf, and that went well,” she recounts. “Making quick decisions is typical of the company, something I noticed right away.”

Anne was also drawn to the advantages of working for a small company: “Working iteratively, adapting quickly…there’s a long-term vision, but you can pivot and adjust quickly to reach the next step.” Working autonomously and seeing results also provides a confidence boost. “This gives our team a strong foundation to build on,” she says.

Translating user needs

As a technical writer Anne mainly documents the user parts of the technology. “I currently do the technical writing for the operator documentation, but I will be developing documentation for an expert audience in the near future,” she explains. Anne’s first task was to professionalize the documents and layout and take the content to the next level.

Technical writing is no solo profession: Anne regularly consults with the development, support and sales teams, mainly to get feedback from the field. “What I find interesting about my job in general, is that it allows me to go on learning about everything,” she says. “ I have the feeling that I can learn a lot, about products, new applications and more.”

She also has the freedom to make certain decisions: “In the future, I'd like to work on and offer other types of output formats. I'll organize discussions with the service team to make decisions that best meet customer needs. That fits into the way the company does things, fostering autonomy while keeping a customer-centric approach.”

Overcoming challenges for the future

Anne’s main work challenge is to try to structure the manuals clearly enough so that they’re appealing and easy to understand for customers. "Requests for clear communication require some time and reflection to take shape, for example when writing instructions for operations solely based on a visual support,” she mentions.

The challenges are part of what makes the job interesting though. “I’m looking forward to more technical writing in the future, more in-depth,” she says. “I have lots of ideas that will allow me to evolve. Working on new products, writing more diversified document types, as well as developing more visual documentation will be interesting challenges for the future.” 

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