At Qcify, customer happiness isn’t an afterthought. We may be a tech company, but we are built around relationships and putting people first. Everything we do, everything we create, starts by focusing on how to help our customers thrive. For us customer happiness revolves around four pillars:

First employee centricity, then customer centricity
Customer happiness starts with happy employees. We walk the talk and embrace the values that drive our company internally first. Values like listening to each other and constant improvement. At Qcify we don’t wait for the status quo to backfire on us. We’re proactive about resolving any issues that arise in our team. We then apply that same mentality to proactively solving problems for our customers.  

Global mindset, local focus
Qcify is constantly expanding its reach to be closer to customers. Our team is active across time zones and cultures. We understand your local context, but we also know what’s happening in the world of tech on a global level. The constant interaction between our teams in California and Belgium keeps us up to speed on the latest developments and broadens our perspectives. You can catch us at regional industry events like the Almond Conference in Sacramento as well as global gatherings like the XL World Nut & Dried Fruit Congress in London. Wherever our customers are, you will find us!

Only make things our customers actually need
We don’t invent a machine, and then look to see who might need it. We spend a lot of time with our customers in the field. We talk to them about how they work and what their daily challenges are. Then we incorporate customer feedback into every step of our product development, testing and refining along the way. The result is a product that is fully shaped to our customers’ needs. That goes for our machines, which help optimize quality control processes. But it also goes for little things, like our promotional gifts. We’ve gotten great feedback on our stress balls for example, which are making their way around the world.

Keep it human
The reason we’re so into automation is because we think it will make human lives better. Not only does our product development process start by talking to our customers face to face, our whole business model revolves around being their partners for the long run. We know that boosting their quality control processes will make their businesses thrive and impact people’s lives in a positive way. It will also make our food supply safer and more reliable, which is good for everybody. And automation will free people up to focus on more interesting and fulfilling work. Humans are at the heart of everything we do!

 Do you want to work hand in hand with cutting-edge tech designed around people? Reach out to us to find out more about how we can level up your quality control.

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