Say Hello to QIS

Redefining quality control as we know it.

About QIS

QIS is a high-resolution 360° optical system that analyzes product samples either in a stand-alone or auto-sample mode.

Driven by AI & deep learning algorithms the QIS provides high-res 3D quality control data which can be transferred into existing ERP systems.

QIS Introduces Revolutionary Features

  • Patented 3D in-air scanning technology
  • Continuous upgrade and improvement process
  • 1-button operation
two almond in cluster and third one off to the right side with orange border around third almond

QIS Results

Good Product 70.06%
Dissimilar 0.00%
Doubles 2.24%
Chips & Scratches 23.45%
Foreign Material 0.00%
Particles & Dust 0.00%
Split & Broken 2.25%
Other Defects 0.00%
Serious Damage 2.00%

Game Changing

Speed & Efficiency

Average Sample Time

250 grams in

2.5 mins

500 grams in

4 mins

1000 grams in

7 mins

Implementing QISin the production process.

Front view of QCIFY grey metal Quality Inspection System on wheels with QCIFY logo on monitor on top next to signal lights

Stand-Alone(Human Operator)

  • Installed in the QC lab or close to the processing line
  • A person collects the sample and places it into the machine for analysis
  • Any team member can run the machine, from forklift driver to plant manager
  • When the sample is done the staff can run the next sample

Automated Sampling Gives You an Edge.

  • Avoids the Riskof having QC personnel running around the factory collecting samples.
  • Enables Monitoringof product quality by the same QA department when there are plants at different locations.
  • Closes the Gapbetween sample-based inspection and 100% inspection.
Side view of QCIFY grey metal Quality Inspection System on wheels with QCIFY logo on monitor on top next to signal lights
Sketch outline of almonds being processed in QIS machine with attendant highlighted in blue to the left overseeing the machine operations and large pipe tube through machine highlighted in light orange

Auto-Sampler(No Human Needed):

  1. A mechanical device (autosampler) takes the sample out of the production line
  2. The sample drops into a scale
  3. The weight from the scale is read out by the Qcify machine
  4. The QIS analyzes the sample
  5. When done, the sample drops back into the processing line (no human touches the product)
  6. The QIS sends a signal to the autosampler to collect the next sample (24/7 analysis)


Redefining quality control as we know it.

QCIFY grey metal QCIFEye in-line monitoring system on supportive legs with QCIFY logo on monitor on top

Other QCIFY Products:QCIFEYE

QCIFEYE is an in-line monitoring system that can be installed over existing processing lines. The system monitors quality and detects impurities automatically. By adding the sorter module it can also remove those objects at the same time.