At Qcify we pride ourselves on our strengths, but we also take pride in our partnerships. Everyone has something unique to contribute, and when we put our talents together we go further, faster. That applies not only to business partners, but also to our community and our employees. Here’s how we harness the power of partnerships:

Shared expertise: you can’t be good at everything

At Qcify we believe in focusing on what you’re good at. And you can’t be good at everything. Our strengths lie in image processing and data analysis: that’s where we really shine. Who are we to say that we’re also great at setting up the best production process to build our machines, or producing the best communications, or organizing the best logistics? Each one of those are areas where we think partnering up is the best way to go.

A lot of companies don’t realize that only a few of the things they do are actually their speciality. Zeroing in on core competencies helps focus resources on where you have the most added value, allowing you to stand out above the rest. It also helps establish your brand identity. So instead of spreading ourselves too thin, we work together with best-of-class companies that shine in their own specialty. Not only does it make us more agile and focused, it delivers a lot of added quality to the customer.

Supporting a good cause: partnering up with your community

Giving back to a higher cause by engaging with our communities is also a form of partnership. Take our involvement with the Pollinator Partnership for example. This cause is very directly related to the almond industry we work with, which gives us so much. So we want to give something back, because partnerships are give and take. We don’t always want to just be taking, selling our product and not giving anything in return.

Through our Bee Friendly Farming Campaign last year we matched all donations up to 25 thousand dollars. We wanted to give 25 thousand in any case, but by setting up the challenge this way the Partnership ended up receiving 50 thousand in total from our business community. Because of our campaign they were also able to get a grant for another 25 thousand. So by partnering up instead of just doing our own thing, a great cause was able to triple its donations. It didn’t cost us much extra effort, but it was done in a strategic way to help each other grow. That kind of solidarity is more important than ever in pandemic times.

Intrapreneurs with the same mission

We also consider each of our employees as a partner. That’s not just a manner of speaking: we put our money where our mouth is by giving every employee stock options in the company. They also each have their own input and help shape the course of Qcify, in alignment with our greater vision.

You see, we don’t think of our team members as employees as much as intrapreneurs. That means they have a lot of independence and freedom to develop their work the way an entrepreneur would, while drawing from our collective knowledge and resources. Those who aren’t cut out for this level of initiative and responsibility just don’t make a good fit. Some companies may think we take this too far, but for us it really works. Our team of partners is the secret to Qcify’s success.

How does your company use partnerships to power its success? Share your know-how so we can go further together!

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