The partnership between both organizations will allow California based food processors to fully automate their processes and implement data-driven total solutions.

SAN MATEO, CA & SANTA CRUZ, CA (January 4, 2021) – For many years food processors in California and all across the globe have relied on the technology from numerous vendors each selling a portion of the total processing lines. But Chandler Automation and Qcify realize that in order to get the most out of processing lines those lines have to be configured as a total solution rather than a collage of individual machines.

It all starts with knowing how each piece of equipment is performing 24/7. Once that data is objectively gathered it can then be used to adjust the entire production line or to fine-tune individual machines along that line. “The days of manual data collection and adjustments of individual machines have to be over”.

Together, the two create and maintain a real time view of what is happening along the processing line and the quality of the stock, quickly, accurately, and with minimal human intervention. Food processors who leverage both Qcify’s and Chandler Automation’s technology can now expect the following benefits:
  • Less human labor, thanks to the automated processes and data collection across the processing line.
  • An always-on data-driven operation, allowing for both strategic decisions and processing optimizations to be made easily.

Starting March 2021 the two will showcase the Qcify technology during a California roadshow stopping by at food processors all across the state. With COVID-19 in mind the equipment showcase will happen by means of a mobile demo center avoiding the need to haul equipment into facilities and thus keeping processors staff safe and well. Treenut processors can now already sign up for the roadshow.

Qcify is a dynamic young company built on decades of industry expertise. The Qcify systems employ Silicon Valley technology to bring much-needed quality control to the global food industry. Qcify’s fully automated vision systems provide users with highly accurate digital reporting, and the revolutionary network-effect approach improves the experience for every existing customer with every new unit deployed. Product data derived from Qcify systems has many applications that can help optimize processing lines and manage inventory.

For more information about Qcify and its products reach out at (833) 724-3948 or

Chandler Automation is a manufacturer’s representative of data collection, processing, sizing, packaging, and robotic palletizing equipment for food processors that are concerned about quality, efficiency, and food safety. We help with a broad range of needs for food growers and processors. We assist, but are not limited to the tree nut and dried fruit industry. Our goal is to bring the latest technology to your packaging and processing needs.

For more information about Chandler Automation and its products reach out at (408) 891-0575 or

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