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[Press release]

Qcify Inc.’s automated quality control disrupts the global food industry.

March 11th, 2017

San Mateo, CA – Food businesses around the globe are looking in the direction of the California-based start-up Qcify™ as the food-tech company has just launched the most innovative QC system in the world.

The Quality Inspection System, QiS™, is the first dedicated system that accurately monitors, analyzes and documents the quality of food processing lines. This system finally enables full automation of the entire QC department, from sampling all the way to sample inventory management.

The QiS™ works in a very intuitive way. The sample is fed into the hopper, the QC process starts at the push of a single button, and in just 6-8 minutes (500g sample) an objective digital report is ready. In comparison, the traditional manual QC process typically takes about 15-20 minutes, and results heavily vary between staff members.

Independent experts and early adaptors praise the extremely high and unprecedented accuracy of the system, together with the low capital expenditure and rapid payback period of less than one year. Both as a stand-alone or in-line system, the compactly sized device requires minimal maintenance and was designed for long-lasting service.

The company’s patented technology is also finding its way into other aspects of the food processing flow, as it manages: processing line optimization and automation as well as inventory management, among other applications.

The system is touring the world and can be seen in action during the Almond Alliance Convention (Santa Barbara, CA – May 2-5), the INC Congress (Chennai, India May 19-21) and the ABC Conference (Sacramento, CA – December 5-7). Potential customers can also schedule an on-site demo to experience the supreme capabilities of this world-changing QC system.

About Qcify™
Qcify™ was founded in 2015 by Raf Peeters, a long-time food processing technology expert. The company has solidly grown since its incorporation thanks to a first-class team of highly experienced professionals in the field of food processing, technology and data. Qcify™ is a proud member of INC and the Almond Alliance of California.

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Phone: (628) 333-9966
San Mateo, CA 94404

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