We’re looking forward to an exciting new season of innovation, and our stellar team is feeling the fall energy. The next Qcify superstar in the spotlight is our software architect Jef De Busser, who’s so efficient he only needs one f in his name. Here’s what he has to say about his work:

With great speed comes great responsibility

As software architect Jef takes on our software from A to Z: planning, carrying out and delivering. He talks with customers and other stakeholders to see what they want in a product, making sure our machines live up to their needs. He designs the software together with software developer Toon and R&D engineer Joachim. “I was looking for a company like Qcify: I’ve worked for both smaller and larger companies,” he says. “I love the startup mentality, going from nothing to something and really seeing results.”

Jef appreciates working for a company where he sees a concrete product at the end of the road. “It’s a great company. You get to make a brand new machine that’s completely ready within a year,” he says. “I have quite a lot of experience, twenty years, which I use to get products to market as soon as possible.” Working at that pace means taking charge of a lot more aspects of the project than you would in a larger company. “The disadvantage is that you have to do everything yourself,” he adds.

Culture is everything

The great thing about working for a small agile company is that your role is not as limited. “Qcify is the furthest thing from a big multinational. You won’t find any indestructible walls between departments here,” explains Jef. “We don’t have any limitations, you can really make an impact. It’s a ton of work, but without all the restrictions.”

Jef doesn’t miss the complicated office politics of a larger company either. “Big companies often have a lot of political interests, it’s such a hassle,” he says. “Here we’re a bunch of like minded souls, and that’s why it works so well. We all kind of have the same down-to-earth background, it’s a really good match. It’s a no-nonsense culture without any high-minded attitudes or inflated egos.”

It’s satisfying working for a company that is growing fast. “Raf is very American, he takes risks, but they’re calculated,” says Jef. “He didn’t just pocket the profit from the machines we’ve sold, instead he reinvested it into the company we’re all working for now. We work hard, but the atmosphere is so good that it feels like a big vacation.”

Future-proof possibilities

Jef is enthusiastic about the new machines being built right now. “It will be really exciting when the product that we’re working on now goes to market. The first reactions have been positive, but we still have to get it out there,” he says. Although he’s proud of the machine, he knows there is always room for improvement. “Quality is also something you have to pay constant attention to, you can’t take it for granted. We are just going to keep working on doing better.”

He’s also excited about new possibilities around the bend. “Other product lines are also an option for the future, Raf is kind of an idea machine,” he says. “I see myself staying here and growing with the company, but I’m fine with it staying small and lean because that’s what makes it so much fun.”

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