A fast-growing company needs to stay organized and on track, otherwise things get chaotic fast. Thankfully we have office and HR manager Conny Pelser to keep on top of things and help us operate like a well-oiled machine. Here’s what she has to say about collaborating with Qcify:

Fast & easy onboarding

Conny joined Qcify last summer as office and HR manager based in Belgium. “I work on a freelance basis, and was looking for a cool new client. My network alerted me to Qcify’s ad and it seemed like a good fit, so I responded and everything went very smoothly from there,” she says. “After my interview with VP Pieter Boogaerts it all went very quickly.”

Conny’s job is varied, involving accounting, payroll, fleet management and more. “It’s a very comprehensive package of tasks,” she explains. Although she has to wear a lot of different hats, she says onboarding was a snap. “In my case I need a lot of passwords and programs, but that was all very organized,” she adds. “Qcify may be a startup, but it struck me how well-prepared and orderly they are.”

It really is all about people

What Conny appreciates the most about Qcify is that people come first. “They are really good to their team,” she says. “They place a lot of importance on doing things correctly.” She has also found that there are tons of career opportunities for the people who work at Qcify, adding, “There are lots of possibilities, and team members have a lot of say.”

She also loves being part of a tight-knit team. “I feel really lucky to be a part of it. Pieter himself is very accessible, he’s a very warm person who is open to other people’s opinions,” she reflects. “CEO Raf Peeters is also very easy to communicate with, even though he’s on the other side of the world. The company culture is very horizontal, it’s very unique.” Of course this doesn’t mean the team doesn’t work really hard: “There is hard work, but it’s done in a very pleasant and respectful way,” she says.

Growing together, with a bright future

Conny currently works at Qcify part time, and is going to be more involved starting in March. “Accounting used to be outsourced, and now we’re handling it ourselves more,” she explains. “Our accountants are great, but we want to have faster access to more information. This is necessary because the company is growing fast. I think I can really contribute to that.”

At the same time Conny will keep her focus on administration, payroll, mobile phone subscriptions, and managing vehicles. She’ll lean on others to manage recruitment however, since Qcify hires some very specific software profiles that demand a certain expertise. “There’s more than enough to do though, and I’m having a blast, she says.

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