We’re starting an exciting new year at Qcify, all thanks to our dynamite team. From now on we’ll be spotlighting one of our superstar employees every two months. We’re kicking off with Bert Switten, who’s helping to make us a big hit as customer success manager.

A holistic take on customer service 

Bert has been part of the Qcify team since April 2018. His official title is customer success manager, which broadly covers sales, service, testing and demos. “I make sure customers are successful in using the machine and optimizing their production,” says Bert. “As customer success manager, I have a wide range of duties. One day I’ll provide telephone support, the next I might be in the field. No two days are the same.” The reason Bert has such a varied job is due to Qcify’s unique take on sales. “Most companies have a traditional sales process: as soon as the machine is sold, sales takes their hands off it and it’s up to the customer success manager to follow up,” says Bert. “We approach things differently at Qcify, we have a more integral approach. Sales and service go together. If you don’t provide good service and have it go hand in hand with sales, the customer won’t come back.” That’s how Qcify creates a strong relationship with the customer. “Then they’ll also pass it on by word of mouth to other potential customers.”

Startup mentality as a blessing

Bert realizes that as a startup, you have more possibilities for maintaining personal contact with your customers. “We’re not after their money, we want to enable their quality control,” he says. “Even if their question isn’t directly Qcify related, they can come to us.” Because Qcify is a small company, Bert sees the results of his efforts fairly quickly. “I can do lots of things at the same time, and ensure that things move forward quickly. It’s not the same in bigger companies.” Founder Raf Peeters wouldn’t want it any other way, which makes the work all the more rewarding for Bert. “Raf is an all-or-nothing person, in a positive sense,” Bert says. “Either you go for it or you don’t, there’s no middle ground. I really appreciate that. If you want to get somewhere as a startup, you have to go for it 100%.”

Ready for the future

Bert has been an important link in Qcify’s rapid growth in recent years. In 2020 the customer success manager wants to take it even further. “Soon we’ll be heading for Australia, and then testing and demo season will start, where customers look at new machines for the next year,” he says. “We’re also working on developing new machines, which we’ll also start testing after.” In light of Qcify’s strong growth, a new field service engineer recently joined the team. “He’ll naturally be more in the field, while I’ll focus more on customer follow-up and planning. I’m looking forward to putting our efforts together,” says Bert.  

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