So you start at a new company, and next thing you know you’re on a road trip with your immediate supervisor. Our new customer service engineer Bachir Gezaoui Azrak is discovering our horizontal company culture, and he's had a great ride so far. Read on to hear about his first months working for Qcify:

From colleagues to comrades

Bachir joined Qcify in June 2022 after spotting a job posting on LinkedIn. After sending our VP of engineering Pieter Boogaerts a message, everything went quickly: “Within a week I was hired,” Bachir recounts. “I came from the startup Molecubes, and had already signed a new contract with a big company, but then I saw Qcify’s posting and it appealed to me a lot more. I liked that it was a smaller company, and had a startup culture.” But what really sealed the deal were his great conversations with the Qcify team. “There was an immediate click, which you really need to make a final decision,” he says.

The lack of hierarchy made everyone at Qcify more approachable, Bachir explains. “When I met our CEO Raf, it didn’t even feel like he was my boss,” he says. “It felt more like connecting with a buddy or comrade.” Meeting his immediate supervisor, customer success manager Bert Switten was also a great ride. “In July I took a road trip with Bert in Spain,” he recalls. “I had just started then, Bert came over from the States to make the trip with me. We started in Madrid, drove all the way through Alicante and ended up in Barcelona. We got to know each other in a different way, and that trip will stay with me. We forged some bonds there.”

Contributing to something bigger

What Bachir has experienced with his supervisors counts for Qcify in general: it’s a horizontal culture with lots of independence. “I can do my thing,” Bachir tells us. “I’m very service oriented. I visit customers, offer customer service, and application services when necessary. I’m versatile by nature. Currently I’m in Spain, and it could be that tomorrow I have to test a software package somewhere. No day is the same.”

Having come from a small company that was bought by a larger company, Bachir got to contrast the two cultures. “In a large company you need to have more patience, things take longer,” he says. The feeling of being able to contribute, to play an important role and make an impact in a smaller company gives him a sense of fulfillment. “The team is constantly communicating, and building something with impact together,” he says.

Shaping your own job for the future

So what’s next on the horizon for our new customer service engineer? It’s a question that Bachir has been asking from the beginning, and only he holds the answer. “From the start I asked, what’s my goal, what’s expected of me, but at Qcify I can figure that out myself and help shape my job. I can stay in customer service, or move more to quality or operations. It’s up to me,” he says. “I also get the trust and flexibility to do that. That took some getting used to in the beginning, but in a good way.”

The company is only seven years old, so Bachir is well-positioned to grow and shape his job. “I’m very curious how I will be able to keep leaving my mark on this company going forward,” he says.

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