Not every company combines both fascinating cutting-edge projects and a cool work atmosphere. R&D and Software Engineer Beerend Ceulemans is excited to use his high-tech skills while feeling like he is really making an impact. This is what he has to say about being part of the Qcify team:

Impact from Day One

While actively searching for his next career opportunity, Beerend came upon Qcify’s job posting on LinkedIn, and got in touch with our VP of Engineering, Pieter Boogaerts. “Qcify was specifically looking for someone with experience in modern C++ development, computer vision and machine learning. Those are exactly the things that fascinate me and that I had worked with before,” explains Beerend. “So I was excited to apply those skills in a new industry.”

Beerend had previously worked mainly on smaller “embedded” products, and was surprised to discover how cutting-edge the machine building industry could be. "Qcify has a cool product that is conquering the market, and I get to help develop it and work on new features based on the feedback,” Beerend says. “One of the first tasks I received was: ‘Here's our codebase, this is a small issue we’re running into, what’s your take on it?’ So I got to jump right in with suggestions on how to improve it. It's great to work for a company where you can really make an impact.”

Cultural fit on point

Beside the interesting work, Beerend was also attracted to the great work environment. “I noticed right away that there was a nice atmosphere,” he says. “I had read all the Employee in the Picture blogs when applying, and now I’m proud to be a part of it myself. The way Qcify presents itself on the site is really accurate, that is how I experience it too. There’s an open culture, and mutual respect. Everyone has their own skill set, which overlap but are above all complementary. Raf is officially the ‘boss’ but he’s also just one of us, a driving force and inspiration who also rolls up his sleeves.”

Beerend recently went on our team building trip to Greenland, a very special experience. “It was wonderful to see everyone in person, some with whom you had only worked with remotely. There were people working in Spain and in the US, and it was nice to really be together in such a beautiful location,” he recalls. One thing he appreciates most is how the Qcify team learns from each other. “I love learning new things and sharing expertise,” he says. “I hope to contribute new insights, but also to learn more about different areas. The mix of personalities and skill sets at Qcify provide a great environment for this.”

In it for the long haul

Beerend feels like he’s joined Qcify at just the right moment. “I’m lucky to be riding the wave of their growing success,” he says. “But at the same time I’ve come on board early enough to make an impact and help shape their direction.” He’s enthusiastic about the technologies and algorithms incorporated into both the QIS and QcifEye machines, as well as new ideas in the pipeline for future features and new products. “The planning for the new features and products happens in a healthy way here,” he adds. “Meaning that we look at what customers are asking for, what they would like but haven’t thought of themselves yet, and also what the development team can realistically achieve given the size of the team and the workload.”

All of that makes him sure that he’s in it for the long haul: “I’m someone who always sets the bar high for himself, and I always look ahead to see how I can help build a better product and a better company.”

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