We’ve got a foot on three continents, but good customer support is always close-by. This month we share how our brand new team member Justin Buentello is bringing his homegrown experience on board to help ensure our customers’ success:

Roots in the soil but always growing

Justin was born and raised in California, among the almond orchards Qcify knows so well. “My dad used to run an almond huller, so I was surrounded by almonds,” he says. He got to know CEO Raf about two years ago through his previous job as field service technician for his family’s process consulting company. “My boss knew Raf really well. I met him at the Almond Conference, where he told me he was going to hire someone. So I reached out about the job, and here I am.”

Justin is charged with installing machines and making sure they are running properly and that any issues are resolved. On top of this Justin has been doing demos of our new machine for customers. “I like that my job is consumer-facing,” he says. “And as I’m getting to know the company better I’m starting to take on different things. Learning as much as you can is important, and comes in good use at Qcify. That way you can fill in for others on the team, as well as picking up new skills and advancing.”

DevOps & thinking outside the box

Qcify’s constant mission to improve is what attracted Justin to the company. “Qcify is different from other companies,” he says. “They don’t just develop something and then get into a rut. They’re always trying to achieve more, to create something better.” It’s all part of Qcify’s DevOps culture where we constantly evaluate and adjust, always anticipating change. “Qcify wants to make the industry better,” says Justin. “It’s a very hands-on, positive culture.”

It’s been a good learning experience for Justin so far, especially when it comes to new technologies. “With Qcify I’m getting more into automated quality control,” he says. “I’ve worked with optical sorters in the past, but Qcify is more about artificial intelligence and algorithms compared to standard practice in the industry. It’s about removing human error and reducing the chance of tampering by taking humans out of the equation.” Seeing the limits of quality control technology being pushed has been a thrill. “Qcify really has the upper hand over other companies by taking those chances and thinking outside of the box,” Justin says.

Making an impact & growing together

With his knowledge of processes and our customers’ business, Justin is looking forward to offering his perspective to the mix. ““Since I come from the industry, it’s really exciting to take my experience further,” he says. “Everyone has different opinions and thoughts on the industry, and I think I have something to contribute. That combination of experiences creates a broader view of things.”

As Qcify keeps on expanding, Justin is looking forward to growing with us. “I might not always be a field service engineer,” he says, “I’m looking to grow and explore different aspects of the company.” First things first though: “I’m always striving to learn more and move up, but at the moment it’s about focusing on what we’re doing right now.”

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