Climate change is the defining challenge of our times. As a company that works with the agricultural sector, we’re keenly aware of the dangers of rising temperatures, drought and wildfires it poses. We believe that in order to help fight climate change, we need to take proactive as well as reactive measures. Here are three ways we’re trying to do our part:

#1 Developing less energy-consuming machines;

At Qcify we aim for energy efficiency by developing machines that use as little energy as possible. This is done by optimizing the machine components: components are developed in the most minimalistic way possible. This is a contrast to a lot of machine manufacturers, who add as many extra components as they can.

We always think about how this component adds value? As a result, our Qcifeye machine is lean and mean, consuming only about 4 to 5 amps on 110 volts, no more than 550 watts. Some common kitchen or household appliances consume more energy than our machine!

#2 Taking a local approach

Before the pandemic, the default for many companies was having employees jet across the world on business travel. Knowing that aviation is one of the fastest-growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, we want to avoid having our people flying back and forth all the time.

At Qcify we’ve scaled back significantly the number of events we attend in-person and try to work through local teams as much as possible. Just one way that we’re trying to limit our carbon footprint!

#3 Partnering with the right organizations

Climate change is such a complex and immense problem, that no company or institution can fight it alone. In order to make a true impact and help avoid environmental disaster, we need everyone to work together. That is just one of the reasons Qcify is big on partnerships. Not only do we give back to organizations that benefit the natural environment, we also work with partners who share our sustainable vision.

One company we’ve been in touch with recently is DroneSeed, which provides rapid reforestation after wildfires using drones. They are helping restore millions of acres of forest that would otherwise be lost, which helps sequester carbon and mitigate climate change. We are exploring ways to work together with them, because like them we truly believe in the power of tech to help tackle some of our world’s most pressing challenges.

It can be hard to know what impact climate measures are really making, but it all begins with striving for awareness. Want to chat about carbon footprints or find a way to work together? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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