Since the inception of quality control into processing plants, companies have heavily relied on humans to collect, interpret and use data about the quality of the produced goods, whether food, pharmaceuticals or other non-foods. And with increasing production volumes, labor costs and end-customer specs the days of this human approach have to be over.

At Qcify we not only automate this quality control process we also push the limits by making use of the network effect of our technology.


Well with an increasing number of our units coming online, we're starting to collect tons of data that allows us to further improve our technology and build out systems that far exceed the human process, which is still around in most companies.

After all the data is anonymized we use it to further improve our algorithms and the overall customer experience. So basically, a machine in Australia will help machines in the USA become smarter but in return all the US based units help improve the performance of the Australian one.

Not only will this help improve the overall efficiency and performance of our technology, it also allows us to deploy new units in less than 4 hours. And yes, there are some initial questions with regards to the data usage. But once we explain them how all data is anonymized and the fact that they will benefit from this approach unless they have >50% of all our units installed at their facility they quickly jump on board and realize that they have more to win than to lose.

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