Tech only has added value when people know how to harness it. Our front-end developer Michiel Knevels helps our customers get the most out of their user experience as well as their data. Find out more about what he’s gained from his Qcify career so far:

Thriving in a fast-paced environment

As a front-end developer, Michiel is concerned with everything to do with business insights. “I capture data from machines and visually group them around various data points,”  he explains. “This helps customers see exactly how the machines run in the field, and also inform us as a team.” Especially when it comes to user interface and front-end development: “I make sure that the user gathers insights from the available data more easily.”

Previously Michiel worked from a startup that got bought out by a larger company. “I was looking for a new startup or scale-up to throw myself into, and joined Qcify in June 2022,” he recounts, recalling how he found Qcify on LinkedIn and was intrigued by its market niche. “I love fast-growing environments because you can help build something up, and you quickly see the results of your efforts,” he says. “At Qcify I found what I needed.”

Culture matters
Michiel likes a no-nonsense work atmosphere. “I need people to say it like it is, and not deliberate over  every word,” he says. “It was clear to me from the start that Qcify was my kind of place.” He especially appreciates how approachable his fellow team members are. “You can give feedback, there are no egos to worry about,” he explains. “And if I need help, I can just ask for it. You get the feeling that everyone is in it together.”

Qcify also gives back, which Michiel finds important. “There is a culture of giving back, not just in terms of compensating employees well but also in the societal sense,” he says. “It is a company with a clear vision, and I really value that.”

Steep learning curve ahead
These days Michiel does more full stack, data storage and monitoring. “That's new to me,” he says. “It's nice that I get the chance to learn things. Not only do I help promote Qcify’s growth, but I also get to take charge of my own personal growth.” He loves that he gets the trust and independence to shape his own journey. “Something can just land on your path, and you can grab hold of it and see what you can achieve with it,” he adds.

There are several more things Michiel hopes to accomplish. “I like staying tuned into our solution and how user-friendly it is,” he says. “When people buy a Qcify machine, I want them to get right away what it is and how it works. That will require more contact with customers, and in the future I plan to spend even more time with customers, listening to what they need.”
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