At Qcify we pull out all the stops to make our machines work for our customers. Our application engineer Chloé Dela Ruelle works hard to understand customer challenges and to find ways to apply our technology to their specific needs. Read on to find out what she thinks about her first half year on the job:

Creating from Day One

Chloé joined Qcify last September. As an application engineer she works with customers to make our quality control machines work for their area of application. For the past half year, Chloé has mostly been working on new products, starting with the two demo programs she made for hazelnuts and peanuts during her very first week.

“A lot of our customers and experience are in almonds and pistachios, but I mostly work on smaller products where we have less experience. Right now I’m working on a project around hazelnuts. Before I started that program was in its infancy, but now I’m working hard to get it off the ground together with a customer,” she says.

A people job with lots of variety

Her job offers something different every day, Chloé finds. “Sometimes I’m training models, sometimes I’m supporting machines and spending time with the customer.” This time in the field is an essential moment to gather valuable feedback. “In early February I went to see a customer in France,” Chloé recounts. “We started brainstorming about the product, what their needs are, how they see their defects, for example they often find insects, and a fungus-like defect. So I got to learn more about the various defects and what category they land in. Our goal is to have one product for each application, to take all potential customers into account.”

Chloé is presently the only woman in the application team, which she mostly notices during social moments. “Those can be a bit male-oriented,” she says, adding, “It isn’t a problem for me though.” The working environment works really well, she explains, “We’re all working together towards a higher goal.” She has a good relationship with her colleagues, often punctuated by a good laugh together: “There is really a positive culture.”

Culture of empowerment & accountability

One of the things Chloé likes most about her job is the space to explore. “Pieter, my boss, knows that I sometimes need guidance but that I also love being autonomous. It’s the perfect balance: I can always ask questions or bring new ideas to the table.” As an introvert, Chloé also finds that the job has added to her sense of confidence. “In previous jobs I rarely worked with customers,” she explains. “I wanted to do more of that and I really looked for that when I was applying. Once I got the job, I did take some getting used to. That communication is incredibly interesting and doesn’t always come easy for me.” 

Moving out of her comfort zone gives Chloé the drive to learn and grow on the job. “I have to push my limits, but my job at Qcify is certainly worth it, and offers an environment that inspires growth.”

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